With so many options to choose from including FDA LNO food-grade and post-consumer recycled, heat sealable, to print-grade PET and more, it’s no wonder that leading, eco-driven brand owners and thermoformers turn to EcoStar for their clear thin-gauge, rigid PET rollstock needs.


EcoStar’s extruded RPET-F FDA LNO approved for direct food contact rollstock offers brand owners and thermoformers a high clarity way to make food “pop” while extending product shelf life. EcoStar curbside collected, recycled food-grade PET is manufactured with up to 100% post-consumer content and is 100% recyclable meaning consumers can recycle your package, keeping it out of landfills, hopefully, forever. Learn more.


At EcoStar we believe that our clear PET rollstock for thermoform packaging lets the product be the star with its ultra clear properties for high product visibility.It also can increase positive consumer perceptions of your brand by offering consumers more sustainabled product packaging solutions.. EcoStar gives you a choice of recyclable material to choose from including our post-consumer recycled thin-gauge PC50 material with a minimum of 50% post-consumer content to our Heat Sealable PET and Print-Grade lines. Learn more.


Non-sterile or secondary medical packaging can be eco-friendly with RPET-F FDA LNO PET or EcoStar APET rollstock for thermoformed medical device packaging. Known throughout the industry as being consistent, exceptionally clear, high impact material, EcoStar RPET-F sheet is also post-consumer recycled and extruded with up to 100% content from curbside collected PET water bottles, soda bottles and thermoforms. Learn more.


Have you seen an EcoStar logo on the bottom of a package?

The EcoStar logo can be found on food and retail packaging on shelves across North America. The logo embodies our commitment to keep PET packaging out of landfills.

Our Committments