We know PET inside and out and what makes it clear, strong and easy to thermoform. All of our EcoStar products are 100% recyclable, with some lines using up to 100% post-consumer recycled content from curbside collected PET bottles and thermoforms diverted from landfills.


Using post-consumer PET for your thermoforming applications is your choice – and it’s the smart one to getting the most life out of plastic. Our FDA food-grade RPET-F™ and non-food grade PC50™ consumer retail rollstock is comparable to virgin APET material in virtually every aspect – from clarity, strength, impact and tear resistance. And with up to 100% post-consumer content from recycled bottles and thermoforms, EcoStar material meets CA’s rigid plastic packaging container (RPPC) regulations as well as the world’s largest retailer’s increasing requirement to increase packaging’s post-consumer content.


Available in RPETAPET and BioAPET blends, our innovative heat sealable PET rollstock offers precise gauge control, superior die-cutting and excellent sealing properties. Similar to PVC and PETG in sealing characteristics, this patented, extruded rollstock is able to seal to itself! Thermoformers and brand owners searching for PET with superior heat sealing characteristics will realize tangible benefits from our HS rollstock lines.


With no internal denest, our print-grade APET rollstock is perfectly suited for strong visual, clear thermoformed packaging applications. For high shelf impact, studies show clear packaging sells, which makes our ultra-clear print-grade material a preferred rollstock for thermoforming blisters, trays and clamshell packaging. The superior optical clarity, high strength and 100% recyclability of the extruded material makes it a smart choice for thermoformers and specialty printers.

A Reputation of Performance

At EcoStar we're known for our sustainable PET products and for our reputation. A reputation of providing consistently high performance, high clarity PET sheet for thermoformers, brand owners and converters who demand superior quality products with responsive customer service.