Our goal is to recycle and reuse what some may consider “waste”. We’re committed to reclaiming and transforming our valuable PET resources into material that is used for new plastic packaging products – that are themselves recyclable.


PET can be easily identified by the #1 resin identification code. Think of those chasing arrows surrounding the #1 symbol on the back or bottom of your plastic bottles, food or retail packaging.

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The round and round recycling we do is called “closed loop”. It loops and loops from PET bottles and thermoformed packaging back into plastic packaging. Hence “closed.” Closed loop recycling is fundamental to conserving resources.

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Ecostar diverts from landfills and recycles approximately 1 billion post-consumer PET bottles and thermoforms a year. Now that’s eco-friendly!

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PET 101

So, what is PET?  And why the ALL CAPS? PET is an acronym for Polyethylene Terephthalate (impress your friends with that one). The ALL CAPS helps distinguish PET from “pet” which we all know is a mammal (fish don’t count) that provides domestic companionship and expectation-free affection. Pets, like PET are in most homes. Pets require daily attention. PET simply needs to be recycled.


PET Uses

So now that you know what PET stands for, you’re probably still wondering what it is. PET is a raw, petroleum based material that is used for water and soda bottles, plastic packaging and fiber or fabric applications (where it’s usually referred to as “polyester”) such as carpeting and sports jerseys. PET is accepted at almost all US recycling programs and is the most recycled material in the US. So remember to pet your pets and recycle your PET.

Post-consumer recycled

When you as a consumer recycle a PET bottle, it becomes post-consumer PET or PCR for Post-Consumer Recycled. Once PET is recycled, it may be called RPET or recycled PET. At our EcoStar facility, we reclaim and recycle millions of post-consumer PET bottles and thermoforms, washing and grinding them into plastic flake which we extrude into our EcoStar PET rollstock or sheet for new thermoform packaging applications.