Making a Difference

Have you seen the EcoStar logo on the bottom of your PET food and retail containers? Thanks for supporting brands using high levels of post-consumer recycled PET, a 100% recyclable material, in their product packaging! By purchasing and then recycling PET thermoforms and bottles that have reached end of life, you are doing your part to support their reuse, diverting them being landfilled or incinerated.

According to the SPI, a ton of plastic bottles recycled saves approximately 3.8 barrels of oil. It’s just 1 more reason why we should take action in the recycling and reuse of PET containers. Take action – 1 bottle or thermoform recycled means 1 less in a landfill.

PET Plastic Education

Consumer education is making a huge difference in the recycling and reuse of PET containers, however, so much more PET and other recyclables can actually be recycled. Knowledge of municipality regulations on recycling as well as recycling codes that are located on the backs or bottoms of containers (PET is represented with the #1 code with chasing arrows surrounding it) is important, as is a change in thinking of “single-serve” or “disposable” containers as “garbage”. PET is a recyclable material that shouldn’t be left to landfills., but utilized to its highest degree through use and reuse.

Recycle and “Replastic”

EcoStar is a reclaimer, recycler and extruder of post-consumer PET material. We produce this material for purchase by eco-minded thermoformers and brand owners who are committed to a vision of getting the most out of plastic – to reuse, recycle and “replastic” this highly valuable and 100% recyclable material, reducing our dependency on petroleum-based resources.

A Zero Waste Vision

EcoStar diverts over 120,000 lbs of PET water, soda and sports bottles as well as plastic thermoforms from landfills every day. At full capacity, EcoStar can process 36 million lbs of clean PET bottle and thermoform flake for extrusion, saving approximately 75,000 barrels of oil in the process. Learn more.


The EcoStar logo can be found on food and retail packaging on shelves across North America. The logo embodies our commitment to keep PET packaging out of landfills.