RPET-F Food-Grade

EcoStar RPET-F™ is FDA LNO approved food-grade recycled rollstock, designed for thermoforming sustainable food packaging – from ultra-clear hinged clamshell containers to large catering trays and lids. A monolayer extruded sheet, RPET-F rigid rollstock is manufactured with up to 100% post-consumer recycled PET from curbside collected bottles and thermoforms that were diverted from landfills.


Over 1 billion discarded consumer PET soda bottles, water bottles and thermoformed containers carrying the #1 symbol go through our recycling facility each year. These containers are ground, washed then extruded into our EcoStar brand of PET sheet which is thermoformed back into packaging, helping conserve valuable natural resources. Watch our video for a tour of the EcoStar facility and recycling process.

Protection, Clarity and Sustainability

Thermoformers and brand owners can market their sustainability stance by using our 100% recyclable food-grade rollstock with up to 100% post-consumer content. RPET-F sheet provides superior protection with maximum clarity and can accommodate virtually any cold or dry goods products from fresh cut fruit, veggies, salads, baked goods, to nuts and candy. Resistant to oils and cracking with excellent optical properties, RPET-F is the perfect material for extending shelf life while ensuring fresher products and more satisfied customers.

Fresh and green

EcoStar reclaims, recycles and extrudes RPET-F in a special process to make it FDA food-grade compliant. Made with a minimum of 35% post-consumer material from plastic bottles and thermoforms, RPET-F can be thermoformed, recycled and reused again and again in a continuous, closed loop cycle. Now that’s a tasty design. Contact us to learn how EcoStar RPET-F is the best solution for your next thermoformed food packaging project.

The EcoStar logo can be found on the bottom of food and retail packaging on shelves across North America. The logo embodies our commitment to keep PET packaging out of landfills.