Post-Consumer PET Rollstock

With up to 100% post-consumer, curbside collected content from recycled PET bottles and thermoforms, our EcoStar FDA LNO food-grade recycled rollstock and non-food grade extruded materials lead the pack in sustainable plastic packaging solutions. From “disposable” party platters to consumer retail clamshells and blisters, our EcoStar materials are specifically developed to contain the highest amounts of post-consumer content while maintaining the highest optical clarity and thermoforming performance.

Looking for an easy way to meet corporate sustainability initiatives? Make the smart switch from PVC or virgin APET to EcoStar post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET.  Our rollstock is blended to perfectly mix clarity, quality and sustainability into the highest performance rollstock for your thermoformed packaging applications.


EcoStar RPET-F™ FDA LNO food-grade rollstock contains a minimum of 35%, up to 100% post-consumer recycled content from curbside collected plastic bottles and thermoforms. Our reclamation and recycling facility sends flake at the end of the sorting, grinding and washing cycle, through special de-contamination equipment which removes any additional volatiles, converting the flake into safe for direct food contact material.


EcoStar PC50™ post-consumer PET rollstock contains a minimum of 50%, up to 100%, post-consumer recycled content from PET water bottles and thermoforms (up to 15% inclusion) diverted from landfills. EcoStar reclaims, recycles and extrudes the material into the highest performing sheet for clear plastic clamshells, blisters and trays with high impact and tear-resistant properties. With crystal-clear optical properties, our rollstock makes consumer retail products stand out on shelves while offering superior protection.


At EcoStar, we don’t view discarded bottles and thermoforms as garbage to be discarded and landfilled or incinerated. We believe that plastic is a valuable material that should be used to its highest potential. That it should be reclaimed, recycled and reused time and time again.

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