Why Recycle PET?

We believe in recycling plastics, giving them another life through use and reuse – it’s a safe option that saves landfill space, energy and resources. Our EcoStar facility reclaims (purchases bales of plastic PET diverting them from landfills) post-consumer bottles and thermoforms with the #1 SPI resin identification code, the graphic you see on your containers with the chasing arrows and the #1 inside. After we receive the bales, we wash, grind and extrude the material into a roll of plastic that can be used to thermoform new plastic packaging. It takes energy and petroleum-based resources to create virgin PET, so in order to reduce our carbon footprint, save valuable natural resources, diminish landfill waste and the incineration of plastic – we choose to recycle.


Over 1 billion discarded consumer PET soda bottles, water bottles and thermoformed containers carrying the #1 symbol go through our recycling facility each year. These containers are ground, washed then extruded into our EcoStar brand of PET sheet which is thermoformed back into packaging, helping conserve valuable natural resources. Watch our video for a tour of the EcoStar facility and recycling process.

Why Recycle

Plastics as a whole makes up almost 13% of municipal solid waste, however, the EPA estimates that only 1% of municipal solid waste in the US is attributed to PET containers. But that 1% of “waste” equates to a lost opportunity – an opportunity to recycle and reuse those PET containers into fiber for clothes or new plastic packaging (that can be recycled again and again). Most Americans have access to some type of recycling method – whether it’s curbside pick-up or drop-off locations. The PET Resin Association (PETRA) states that a US household uses approximately 45 lbs of PET plastic bottles and containers in a year. Could you imagine all of that “disposable” or “single-use” plastic going to a landfill? PETRA states that if all of those bottles and containers were recycled, it could yield enough recycled PET fiber to make carpeting for a 12×15 room!


Why Brands You Love Use RPET

The Environment and Plastics Industry Council (EPIC) states that modern landfills are maintained in such a manner where very little “waste” degrades. Excavations of landfills throughout North America have led to discoveries of newspapers that are completely intact after 40 years or 10 year old carrots that are still bright orange on the inside. Recycling for most Americans is easy today with curbside collection programs. Do a little research and find out what containers are recyclable in your municipality. Chances are your PET bottles and thermoforms are accepted, which means you, as the eco-conscious, savvy consumer that you are, can do your part in recycling PET containers for use and reuse.


What we do today will affect tomorrow and the future. Take action – 1 bottle or thermoform recycled means 1 less in a landfill. For more information about EcoStar, our recycling process or our products – contact us.