BioAPET Rollstock

For the truly eco-minded brand owner and thermoformer, our HS 1003 BioAPET heat sealable line of patented extruded rollstock is 100% recyclable with 30% inclusion of material from renewable resources, making it an eco-friendly alternative to PVC and PETG. The high impact HS material has superior heat sealing characteristics, sealing roughly 2X faster than PETG with lower specific gravity compared to PVC providing greater yields.

The HS clear,thin-gauge sheet can be used on existing thermoforming and sealing equipment with no new capital investment required. The innovative material can be used with RF welding, plastic to plastic welding and ultrasonic welding machines and is perfect for aqueous and solvent-based cardstock for heat sealing. For more information on HS BioAPET and how it can fit your next thermoforming application, contact us.