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Heat Sealable PET

 EcoStar's patented heat sealable (HS) extruded PET is a patented blend available in BioAPET, APET, rPET and print-grade roll stock material for thermoforming high-quality and clarity blisters and clamshells. The innovative material performs and seals similarly to PVC and PETg but is 100% recyclable and can be recycled in existing PET recycling streams. Thermoformers and brand owners looking for superior heat sealing characteristics that increases output while providing energy savings will benefit from the HS line of products.

HS 1003 BioPET rollstock – EcoStar's thin-gauge bio-based material is extruded with up to 30% material from renewable sources and is perfect for the eco-conscious brand owner and thermoformer. Contact Us for more details.

HS 1003 APET rollstock – High impact virgin APET material with superior heat sealing characteristics that fits most heat sealing application requirements

HS 1003 rPET extruded sheet – All the great features of APET extruded rollstock but with post-consumer recycled content. Contact us for more details at 800.480.8940 today to discuss your specific needs.

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